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When is it Time for Car Paint Correction?

Is the exterior of your vehicle starting to look dingy and unattractive? Restore the aesthetics of your car with paint correction services from Webbs Auto Detailing. But is car paint correction the right way to restore your exterior? Ask these questions to find out.

  • What kind of damage do I have? Even if the damage is substantial and widespread, you could still avoid a full paint job. Deep damages that expose the metal will more than likely require a full paint job.

  • Does my car still look cloudy after washing and waxing? Tiny abrasions can make your car look cloudy. A quick paint correction restores shine.

  • Does my car experience a lot of environmental damage? Exposure to UV light, damage from long road trips, and extreme weather cause microdamage that can easily be repaired with car paint correction.


Find out if car paint correction is an option for you at Webbs Auto Detailing in Sparks, NV.

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