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The 7 Benefits of a Ceramic Coating

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

The 7 Benefits of a Ceramic Coating

What is a ceramic coating?

A car is a significant investment that you want to keep safe. Taking care of your car means fewer unexpected expenses and repairs. One way to provide the best care for your vehicle is to ensure its paint job is well protected with a ceramic coating.

Adding an extra layer of protection can help increase the durability of your car’s paint job. The exterior of your vehicle is one of the most important features as it is the part most seen. Yet it can often be neglected.

A ceramic coating is a long-lasting solution that forms a hard shell around your car. The silica-based polymer is a liquid solution applied by hand rather than a machine. The layer can be effective for years as it bonds with your car’s paint.

The seven benefits of a ceramic coating include:

● Protecting your paint and exterior from damages

● Repelling water and related damages

● Easier to clean and remove debris

● Great cost efficiency

● Long-lasting effect

● Shining exterior for your paint job

● Prevent excessive wear and tear

Knowing the benefits of a ceramic coating can help protect from damage, time, and the environment.

1. Protects Against Damage

Repairs to the paint on a car can be costly. So the first reason to get a ceramic coating is to protect your paint from external damage. The coating can prevent harm from chemical stains and fading from harmful UV rays. This delays the worn appearance of aged cars over time and keeps the paint shining. Increased durability means the paint lasts longer with an extra protective layer to prevent minor damages like small scratches.

2. Hydrophobic

A ceramic coating means the car will become hydrophobic. Hydrophobic means the coating will repel water from your vehicle, so water does not sit on the surface.

This makes for a great addition to your car due to it preventing water spots from occurring. Water spots affect the surface of a car through mineral residue. If not removed quickly, the residue can stick to the surface and cause severe damages that can be expensive to repair. The coating can also repel dirt and mud, so they have less effect.

3. Easy to clean

Another benefit of being hydrophobic is the coating will be easier to clean. In addition, debris is easy to remove as it will not stick to the ceramic coating. Other forms of debris include bugs, bird droppings, dirt, mud, and more. Debris can be removed from the car without unnecessary damage to your paint.

4. Cost efficient

Ceramic coatings require less maintenance than other coatings for your paint. Wax is an organic option that is cheaper but less durable. It must be reapplied multiple times a year. Soaps can also break it down more quickly. A sealant is synthetic and lasts longer but must be applied after several months. There is also no shine to your car as with wax or ceramic coatings. Since ceramic coatings only need to be applied once a year and cannot be removed naturally, the layer is more cost-effective.

5. Long-lasting effect

As mentioned, a ceramic coat must only be re-coated once a year. This saves not only money but also time. A decontamination wash will de-clog the coating before it is reapplied, but the previous coating does not need to be removed every time. After the coating is applied, the polymer will cure for a time and be ready to go.

6. Beautiful exterior shine

Ceramic coatings can provide your paint job with a beautiful shine to its exterior. Your car looks newer and maintains this shine over time without needing to be frequently polished.

Compared to a wax shine which only lasts around three months and must be redone frequently, ceramic coating produces a longer shine, even through the car wash.

7. Avoiding excess wear

A ceramic coating protects from other damages, such as sunlight and UV, which can damage your paint. The coating also protects your headlights from yellowing and fading from the sunlight.

The coating prevents wear and tear caused by sap from trees and tar. Tree sap can bond to a car as they dry, causing stress on the paint. In addition, tar, cement, and wet asphalt can all lead to discolorations, chips, and scratches.

Investing in your car’s protection

Ceramic coatings are a great way to save your car with little time and money

.It ensures your paint job will be protected from the elements and other expensive damages, including water spots, UV rays, tar, and tree sap. The result is a long-lasting shine that increases durability to protect your car.


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