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Two Types of Ceramic Coating Sio2 vs SIC.

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Sic vs sio2 Owner’s Pride ceramic coatings

first of all is a “SIC or silica carbide” ceramic coating. Meaning that it is chemically reacting with your clearcoat, and crosslinking in a ceramic bond. Becoming part of your paint. Compared to other coatings on the market are called “Sio2” or “silicon dioxide” Sio2 coatings are actually chunks of already cured ceramic silica inside of a resin. You have to put on multiple layers of that resin to make sure you have a flush application with no cracks and crevices in between the chunks of ceramic that could let UV rays, chemicals, enzymes etc etc get down to your paint. This resin only ever hardens on top of your paint. Never becoming part of your paint. Sio2 coatings also require that you do a mandatory maintenance every 6 to 12 months and “top” or reapply ceramic to keep that resin alive. If you don’t you will fall out of warranty terms and that resin can and will break down on top of your vehicle. Sic coatings only need more in-depth maintenance as needed and Owner’s Pride Doesn’t require annual maintenance to stay In warranty terms.

Second Owner’s Pride is the only ceramic coating company on the market that has a warranty backed by a third-party insurance company. Meaning that if you ever got water spots, ocean spray, tree sap, bird poop stains, over spray, bug etchings, yellowing headlights, etching wheels... we as the installer will take care of these problems for you at no cost to you. If the problem is so severe that I cannot take care of it for you. The insurance company will pay to have it repaired or replaced by a third-party, like a dealership or body shop. Owners Pride ceramic coatings also reflect on your car fax, are registered to your Vin number. It also is a transferable warranty if you were to ever sell the vehicle.


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