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Ceramic Detail Spray is the newest addition to the world of ceramic protection. Ceramic Detail Spray is designed to protect your paint for 6-12 months. It can also be used as a quick detail spray to maintain your existing shine. Not only does it give you amazing protection, but it was also designed to build on existing protection on the surface.

Ceramic Detail Spray is a waterbased SiO2 ceramic blend making it easy to use and safe on paint, plastic, metal, and vinyl.

Ceramic Detailer



    Dry Application

    • Mist Ceramic Detail Spray onto a premium microfiber towel

    • Start applying Ceramic Detail Spray in straight lines on the surface

    • Use a secondary towel to wipe off any excess

    Wet Application

    • Completely wash your vehicle

    • Before you dry off the vehicle spray Ceramic Detail Spray onto the wet surface

    • Let Ceramic Detail Spray dwell for 30 seconds then rinse off completely

    Do Not Use In Direct Sunlight

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