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This game-changing quick detail spray delivers a glossy and water-resistant finish on the go. Wave goodbye to outdated waxing methods as Slick streamlines your detailing routine with its swift and hassle-free application.

Unveil a stunning gloss and bolster water resistance effortlessly. Designed for both daily maintenance and instant enhancement, this quick detail spray caters to car enthusiasts seeking a show-worthy finish without the time commitment. From car shows to everyday commutes, Slick ensures your vehicle is always at its prime, delivering a sleek appearance and a protective water-resistant shield. Embrace the modern era of detailing with the ultimate solution for achieving a brilliant, water-resistant exterior with minimal effort.

How to Use


Mist Slick onto a premium microfiber towel.

Start applying Slick on the surface.

Use a secondary towel to wipe off any excess.


  • Slick is the perfect, on-the-go, detail spray to maintain gloss & add water resistance.

    You will never need to use outdated & time-consuming traditional waxes again. With its simple application, Slick is perfect for daily use or when you need that added gloss in an instant. Whether you’re going to a car show, the track, or just want your daily driver to look its best; Your vehicle deserves to look Slick!

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