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Most ceramic coating companies use a silicone dioxide ceramic coating (sio2). The ceramic coating we use is a silicone carbide ceramic coating (siC). The difference from those two chemicals is that siC is a ceramic silica that chemically reacts with your clear coat and permanently becomes part of your paint, while sio2 is a ceramic liquid that hardens in a suspended resin that sits on top of your paint. SiC ceramic coatings only need to be applied in one or two layers, and only one time. SiC ceramic coatings don’t need to be polished or “refreshed” to maintain its life and warranty.

Sio2 coatings need to be polished and reapplied again and again to maintain their performance and their warranties.

Ceramic coatings are the protection of the future! Protect your investments with a permanent ceramic coating from Webbs Auto Detailing for your vehicles. As your go-to detailing service in Reno, you can count on us to get the job done right.

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